Belgibard is the most common gay (lesbian) shipping in the series Nordia, the male-male most common ship being F/reenland, that ships Finland with Greenland This is the ship of Belgium and Svalbard, derived from the words Belgiya and Svalbard, Hebrew for Belgium and Svalbard. Svalbard has revealed her crush on Belgium to Norway in the 2nd Episode, but asked her to hide it as she did not want anyone to know about her being Bisexual.

They become a couple in the 4th Episode, and have their first kiss in Episode 5, after Svalbard saved both of them from getting locked down inside the hallway of the N.S.U. building, which would have exploded if Svalbard wouldn't have pressed the STOP button.

In Episode 8 Svalbard breaks up with Belgium after she stood up on Svalbard when they were supposed to meet in a restaurant, on porpuse, to avoid payment on the meal. When Belgibard weren't together anymore, Belgium got together with Svalbard's adopted sister to make her jealous. Svalbard then got offended and the two never got back together.

It is unknown if Belgibard will return in the 2nd Season of Nordia.