Belgium is one of the main characters in Nordia and the main character out of those who aren't Nordic. Belgium's character is tricky and sometimes mean, much like Åland, whose step-sister used to be her girlfriend. Belgium is considered to be 'hot' and 'attractive' by fellow Svalbard and Norway. Norway calls her "Creepy yet attractive Belgium" in her introduction, during Pilot.

Belgium lives with Netherlands and Luxembourg in Benelux. The house is located in Dudelange.

Belgium is a part of the shippings: Belgibard (with Svalbard), Belgiland (with Åland) & Belway (with Norway). All of her ships are Lesbian.

Belgium is openly Lesbian. Her strength is beauty. She is friended with Eurogod, unlike other characters. She is a member of all Nordic Countries Meetings since the 3rd Episode.

Belgium keeps trying to become a Nordic country but Svalbard is the only one (Except Ladonia) who treats her as one. Belgium is not an N.S.U.M.

Her rival is Sweden.