Norway is (arguably) the main character of the series Nordia. she first appears in the first episode, as the storyteller. Her sexual preference is unknown, as she was never in a relationship with anyone. She lives in the Norwegian hut with Svalbard and Åland, her adopted step-sister. Her biological sisters are Svalbard and Jan Mayen. She is also the first character to ever appear in Nordia. she has the longest script in the 1st Episode. She ships Švedfin, but when she tries to connect between the two, in Episode 3, she fails and causes the two to fight. This is a possible reference to the Cudgel War, where the armies of the kingdom of Sweden in Finland began a war after trying to make peace.

Norway's best friend is unknown, but she's in a very good relation with her sister, Svalbard. Norway is a member of the N.S.U.

She is portrayed by Maayan Weinstein.