Svalbard is one of the main characters of the series Nordia. She is portrayed by Israeli-Ukranian voice actress Liza Eidel. She is considered to always be joyful and playful. She appears to have red dyed hair and green eyes, much like her voice actress Liza Eidel. She is known for her love to Fudge and Potait , her (unreal) country's national food. Her best friend is Belgium, which she was once in a lesbian-relationship with. Svalbard is Norway's sister, and Åland's step-sister. Jan Mayen is her identical separated at birth twin, but is shown only a little. Svalbard is openly Bisexual , since her relationship with the Belgian. She lives in the Norwegian hut in Tromsø, Norway. It has been said that she used to live in Benelux with her friend Belgium. Svalbard's character is inspired by Cat Valentine, a character from the American TV shows, Victorious and Sam & Cat.

The series treats Svalbard as an independent country since 1925 (when the Svalbard treaty was efficient), while in real life Svalbard is a part of Norway.